My name is Sinéad (pictured a wee bit younger alongside), and I had a wonderful mom. She was my best friend, my teacher and my role model. She loved to cook, and bake. I spent many happy hours hanging on her apron strings hoping to assimilate her skills, absorb her love, and remember every feature of her.

As you may have gathered, my mom, Maura, passed away five years ago. My God…how has it been five years already? I miss her like it was yesterday.

As part of her legacy left to me are her cookbooks… years of handwritten recipes, torn magazine and newspaper pages with notes and annotations. Each recipe brings with it a memory for me. This blog is me reliving those moments, remembering my mother, her love for life, her infectious laugh (something my brother and I are thrilled we inherited), and her great cooking.

For the readers, well, I hope to entertain you with the stories and inspire you with the recipes. And so onto the recipes:

My very wise father-in-law said to me “what kind of cook book / recipe collection will it be?”

Well it’s certainly not a healthy one! Mostly because I am so sick of that, sick of diets, sick of no carbs, sick of the latest healthy eating trend. My mum once told me she did a pineapple only diet in the 60’s, she was so sick of them after that, as far as I know she never ate another pineapple until the day she died! Let’s go back to when eating was fun, a social event, something to savour and bring the whole family together. Let’s practice portion control rather than omitting carbs or whatever the latest trend is. Turn off the TV, cook together, eat together, experiment with food, add ingredients, change ingredients. Don’t have something? Maybe you have a substitute ingredient in the cupboard. Have you tried? Take your time eating. Enjoy the freshness of each ingredient. Each meal is a new book / story waiting to be told. And just because it’s a story to be told doesn’t mean it has to take you three hours to make it, ain’t nobody got time for that! These recipes wont break the bank, or make you hunt down some obscure ingredient for hours at the shops. I do promise however they will be fun and delicious!