Christmas Ginger Cookies

So this recipe was one of the first baking recipes I made. One particular year, when I was too young to earn any money but insisted on making everyone’s gifts myself, my mother took out this recipe and helped me make these cookies as Christmas gifts.

Orange Chocolate Brownies

These brownies were nice and easy to make and not too sweet because of the dark choc. I served them initially with ice cream (make sure to serve them warmed up, these brownies are not meant to be eaten cold). Then the second time we had them I made my granny’s very famous chocolate sauce!

Granny Whitaker’s Chocolate Sauce

Once you’ve made the sauce, you can just store it in the fridge, it keeps for months! No need to freeze it and don’t be alarmed it wont go hard. The liquid stays fluid and cocoa-ey delicious!

Lavender infused Lemon Squares

Oh how I have longed to type the name of a recipe with something infused in the title! Such a fancy way of saying you added a flavour…makes me sound so posh! This is another one of those recipes that punctuated my childhood, but my sweet tooth is not as sweet as it once was, so I…

Fruit & Nut Biscuits

My Granny’s old recipe for biscuits. This recipe is amazing, substitute the ingredients and make it your own…really the possibilities are endless! A perfect tea time treat.

Milo Chocolate Cake

Growing up my mum almost always home made our birthday cakes, she went to great lengths to make our birthday’s special. In the spirit of keeping family traditions going…it is my husband’s birthday this May and for Alex’s birthday I’m combining two of his favourite things – chocolate and chocolate!

Bran-ana Muffins

An alternative to banana bread for those old bananas ! So that little lump of joy in the picture above is me as a baby, obviously already in love with cooking, the kitchen and wooden spoons!