Fresh Eating & a Fox Cub

As fate would have it…in month 4 (and a kilo from my goal weight) of my new found love of food and wine French women diet… I fell pregnant! I know it’s no excuse but any expecting mum will tell you…the fun goes out of eating for those first 12 weeks, and I, as they say, fell off the wagon. 

Fresh Eating Take 2

My simple tips combined with my learning from “French Women Don’t Get Fat” for feeling and looking better (well worked for me anyway :))

Fresh Eating

I can’t diet, I hate deprivation and I love food. So telling me to cut out all bread forever is just a no-no. I end up cutting it out for three days then smashing as much freshly baked goodness in my face on day four…but Mireille Guiliano’s book – French Women Don’t get Fat – is a promise that she’ll reintroduce you to the love of food, fresh ingredients, amazing combinations and the odd delicious pastry. Also she promises I wont have to give up wine. One of my most favourite things in the world, is a spectacular wine!