Fresh Eating Take 2

So its officially a little over a month since I started “French Women Don’t Get Fat”… I’m not going to lie I haven’t even managed to finish reading the book yet, but the weight loss and the feeling better are going wonderfully! After my initial 2kg loss after the crash 2 days of leak broth, I’ve managed to shift an additional 1.5kg the slow hard way…and counting!

Simple things that we’ve introduced into our daily eating habits…

  1. Fresh & In Season

I can’t stress this one enough…eating in season means whatever you’re having is extremely full of flavour and unlikely to have been frozen before it hit the shelves in your local supermarket. I eat fruit salad often, as a snack, for breakfast, for lunch, it’s a great gap filler and super healthy. I have also fallen completely in love with Grapefruit…something I haven’t eaten since I was a little girl…and granadillas*! So sweet, with throwbacks of eating them fresh from the garden as a little girl. I love these little gems so much I bought my own granadilla creeper!

*Grandilla for all non-south Africans is passion fruit just about every where else in the world 


2.  No Meat Mondays

We’ve introduced no meat Monday into my household and it’s fantastic, such a nice detox after the weekend (especially when I’ve over indulged a bit on the vino) and great to make sure I get some more vegetables in.  It wasn’t easy at first, I initially had visions of Alex and I eating only salads and soups. Then I moved onto vegetable pizza and pasta… And am now on a regular hunt for vegetarian recipes! Some are so good you don’t even realise you’re not eating meat… bean taco’s (what we had tonight) are a great example…albeit with a few stinky side effects!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3.  More Fish

I still have no idea how to choose fish and regularly end up at the fish counter at the supermarket, waiting for a gap so I can embarrassingly ask what the difference between all the calamari’s are… but I love it! Adding weekly, if not biweekly fish meals to our repertoire has been a hit…who knew I’d enjoy fish so much?! This also means we are eating less red meat, which in the Mediterranean diet is meant to be eaten less frequently anyway.


Bloating is a real issue for most women, I recon I’ve been bloated since I turned 30! Gone is my wonderful six pack stomach and minute waist I had at university despite drinking and eating badly…now I have to work hard at not looking three months pregnant! With these small changes the centimeter difference just from getting rid of all my bloating has meant I can officially wear a whole new section of my wardrobe -score!

As most men will tell you, when your wife diets, you get put on a diet too…sorry guys! My husband has lost 3kg’s too just with the small changes above. And we still enjoy a glass of wine with dinner. We’ve been so encouraged we’ve started to cut sugar out and reduce the amount of sugary drinks we have… I hope to report back that we’re another kg down again in time for me to fit into my bikini!

Again for you South African’s now that it’s turned to spring…here is the list of fresh fruit and veg in season now:


Cape gooseberries
Pawpaws or papaya
Sweet melon
Sweet melon


Aubergines or Eggplants
Baby marrows
Brussels sprouts
Kale spinach
Maize or corn on the cob
Red onions



Let me know what you think - I'd love to hear if you tried one of my recipes at home and have any suggestions/alterations:

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