Fresh Eating & a Fox Cub

As fate would have it…in month 4 (and a kilo from my goal weight) of my new found love of food and wine French women diet… I fell pregnant! I know it’s no excuse but any expecting mum will tell you…the fun goes out of eating for those first 12 weeks, and I, as they say, fell off the wagon. 

Christmas Ginger Cookies

So this recipe was one of the first baking recipes I made. One particular year, when I was too young to earn any money but insisted on making everyone’s gifts myself, my mother took out this recipe and helped me make these cookies as Christmas gifts.

Bacon & Avo Salad

With bacon and home made croutons this is probably not the healthiest recipe, but it’s a salad so I figure I can at least pretend… 

Avo Salsa Chicken

This super simple recipe for grilled chicken and avo salsa, was so packed with flavour I’m going to try my best to remember what I did and share it with you.

Orange Chocolate Brownies

These brownies were nice and easy to make and not too sweet because of the dark choc. I served them initially with ice cream (make sure to serve them warmed up, these brownies are not meant to be eaten cold). Then the second time we had them I made my granny’s very famous chocolate sauce!

Granny Whitaker’s Chocolate Sauce

Once you’ve made the sauce, you can just store it in the fridge, it keeps for months! No need to freeze it and don’t be alarmed it wont go hard. The liquid stays fluid and cocoa-ey delicious!

Snoek Paté

Following on from my explorations with Fish… I reached up for my mum’s old recipes and dug through until I found one for paté.

Fresh Eating Take 2

My simple tips combined with my learning from “French Women Don’t Get Fat” for feeling and looking better (well worked for me anyway :))

Lavender infused Lemon Squares

Oh how I have longed to type the name of a recipe with something infused in the title! Such a fancy way of saying you added a flavour…makes me sound so posh! This is another one of those recipes that punctuated my childhood, but my sweet tooth is not as sweet as it once was, so I…

No Meat Monday Pizza

A healthy alternative to take outs, this delicious pizza base is made with nutty wheat or whole wheat flour

Fresh Eating

I can’t diet, I hate deprivation and I love food. So telling me to cut out all bread forever is just a no-no. I end up cutting it out for three days then smashing as much freshly baked goodness in my face on day four…but Mireille Guiliano’s book – French Women Don’t get Fat – is a promise that she’ll reintroduce you to the love of food, fresh ingredients, amazing combinations and the odd delicious pastry. Also she promises I wont have to give up wine. One of my most favourite things in the world, is a spectacular wine! 

Crusted Chicken & Couscous

760 calories per portion. I don’t know if this is good or bad but since it’s the only recipe in this handwritten book with a calorie number next to it, I’m assuming it’s good and am mentally preparing myself for how thin I’m going to be after eating it!